22 09 16
Protective screen against electrical short-circuit arc. Compliant with the GS-ET-29 Arc Flash standard (class 1). Insulating up to 1000 V AC/DC.
12 10 15
The new range Detex + by CATU ensures both voltage detector function in full compliance with EN 50-110 and essential functions to your normal opérations, such as continuity, rotaring field and phase inducation.
06 05 15
CATU presents its new live working safety shoes with insulating sole against electrical hazards of step voltage.
28 04 15
PONTARLIER ELECTRONIC by CATU lauches "C'DIAG TOUCH" a new generation of continuity tester, made in France, specially designed for taking measurements for the compulsory tests .
27 06 14
CATU, your specialist of electrical safety, launches a new range of safety shoes with insulated soles.
25 09 13
A complete and essential range for locking electrical and hydraulic installations.
23 09 13
A complete range of 1000 V Insulated tools as per IEC 60900 standard for all your live line or dead line works.
23 09 13
Detex NG
The Detex MS 917/920 range consists of light and sound voltage detectors conceived to check the absence of voltage, in compliance with the EN 61243-3 ( 2010 ) standard