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CATU has recently obtained ISO 45001 certification, which replaces OHSAS 18001 certification (repealed in March 2021). 

Internationally recognised, it validates that our manufacturing facilities comply with occupational health and safety requirements to reduce the risk of work-related illnesses or accidents throughout our organisation. Through this voluntary (and therefore non-mandatory) certification, CATU sets itself apart from the competition!


Since 2007, EcoVadis has been developing the first collaborative CSR rating platform, creating a global network of more than 75,000 assessed companies. Their method makes it possible to evaluate the quality of the integration of CSR into a company's management system through its policies, actions and results.

Since 2016, CATU has been maintaining its SILVER medal in the EcoVadis assessment which places it directly in the Top companies in its sector.
A steady progression is achieved during the course of the ratings with 53/100 and the Top 22, then 57/100 or 63 in 2021, which ensures that the SILVER medal is maintained.

This year 2023, we maintain our silver medal with an improved score of 68%, which allows us to stay in the top 25.

With several years of commitment to protecting the environment and safeguarding the health and safety of its employees at work, validated by their QSE certifications, CATU has adopted a preventive approach to risk management that includes consultation and participation by everyone in a continuous improvement process.


  • Environment: environmental policy and ISO 14001 certification, material/chemical and waste management measures, consumption reduction and monitoring measures (water and energy), waste recovery and recycling.
  • Social & Human Rights: social policy, career management, training, occupational health and safety policy and ISO 45001 certification, monitoring and reduction of health and safety risks, employee participation.
  • Ethics: consideration of ethical and anti-corruption issues in business relationships, information security and personal data protection policy.
  • Responsible procurement: CSR criteria for supplier selection and evaluation, monitoring of REACH compliance and conflict minerals.

Humanitarian project in Bolivia with Synergie Solaire

CATU is very happy to contribute to help Synergie Solaire in Bolivia to reduce its carbon footprint by offering 20 solar cookers and 20 drying kits to 20 families, thus reducing the use of wood by 75% and fighting deforestation. The reduction of CO2 emissions is 1.8 tons / year / solar cooker. Together let's protect our planet, let's reduce our carbon impact.