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EN 60903:2003 
IEC 60903:2014

Electrical insulating rubber electrical gloves class 00 - 500 V AC


  • Wellfit finish: soft, supple, durable and ergonomic with high flexibility for an easy work.
  • Convenient to any hand shape.
  • Gloves without extra-mechanical protection; to be worn with leather over-gloves CG-981 to ensure full mechanical protection.


  • Electrical insulating gloves, class 00 (500 V AC, 750 V DC). Length: 360 mm.
  • Cut edge.
  • Material: natural color latex ensuring highest dielectric features.
  • Traceability through flashcode on color-coded label. The color is according to the class.
  • Category: AZC (Acid, Ozone, Cold resistance)

Data Sheet EU Declaration of conformity

User Manual Leaflet1