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IEC 61326-1
IEC 61243-1 (design based on selected chapters)

Non contact voltage detector


  • Non-contact voltage detector, voltage range from 3 kV to 765 kV.
  • Approximate detection distances (varying with the environment): 150 mm mini (11 kV) to 700 mm mini (66 kV)
  • Ultra-compact, switchless series to ensure permanent operator safety (indoor and outdoor use).


  • Nominal network range: 3 kV - 765 kV (8 ranges model proposed).
  • 360° light indication.
  • Self test function.
  • Precise and stable operating threshold.
  • Reduced sensitivity to induced voltages and to interference fields.
  • Temperature conditions: class N (-25°C to +55°C).
  • Power supply: 1 standard 9 V battery 6LR61.
  • Network frequencies: 50 to 60 Hz.
  • High environmental resitance (impact, vibrations, moisture) due to robust thermoplastic housing.


  • Packaging: supplied in a carrying bag.

Optional accessories: 

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