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Contact probes for for flight path for L.V. detectors DETEX and MS-153.


  • Contact probes to be used as suspension hooks.
  • To be used with detectors DETEXTM (except for MS-917-L, MS-918-L and MS-920-EX) and phase order indicator (MS-153).
  • Hatch for storage of test probe.
  • With tip retention hatch (anti-tear system) that prevents the tip from being accidentally disconnected from the antenna.
  • Use at low voltage (1000 V AC - 1500 V DC).


  • Sticks light and strong made of injection molded thermoplastic.
  • Contact probes serve as suspension hooks.
  • Length: 1.25 m.
  • Female contact socket Ø 4 mm IP2X.
  • Supplied in soft case; dimension: 950 x 200 mm.

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Reference Weight (kg)
MS-8014 0,630