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IEC 61481-1:2014

HV one pole phase testing range. 4-18 kV. Class C with buzzer


  • Single-pole HV phase match checker.
  • Maximum operating voltage: 18 kV.


  • Single-pole device with C, K and W end-fitting.
  • Storage of frequency and phase of distribution network voltages.
  • Push-button test of the device, which also resets the memory.
  • Class C (maximum time for storing information in memory: 15 s when not connected to the line).
  • Non accordance: +110° to +250°.
  • LED indicators:
    • Orange (M) indicating the storage of a phase and the mains frequency;
    • Green (C) indicating that the mains phase is identical to the one previously stored (match); + discontinuous beep buzzer.
    • Red (I) indicating that the phase of the network is of a different phase from that previously stored (mismatch) + continuous beep buzzer. 
  • Voltage difference between the two networks to be compared: +/- 15 %.
  • Angle difference between the two phases (networks) to be compared: +/- 10°.
  • The red ring indicates the physical limit to which the phase comparator can be inserted between live parts (57 cm from the red ring to the end fitting).
  • NFC Tag.


  • Supplied in a back rigid box.
  • Battery: 9 V (6LR61).

Optional accessories:

  • Antenna Magnefix with a U Max utilisation : 18 kV, Ref C-921545.

Data Sheet

Reference Fitting Frequency Operating Voltage AC Weight (kg) Length (mm) Protection Class
CL-7-4-18 C - K - W 50 / 60 Hz 4 - 18 kV 1,05 790 C